stress the details 🌩

I stress about the money I won’t have. I stress about the love I won’t have. The years I won’t age.

I stress about revealing my pen name.

No inevitable possibility is granted a late visit.

Don’t be one to stress the big things.

If I have enough money to last me through tomorrow. I’d go on living.

I know that if I make it through one more day, I’ll be wiser than yesterday. I will feel victorious.

If I could get one comment on this blog I won’t be afraid to reveal my pen name to at least to that one person.

If I knew one person loved me. That love would be just as great as any love, any amount of lovers could give me.

Don’t be the one to stress the big things.

I’ll be the one to make colors look loud,

every metal precious,

every day Sunday,

every small victory, a victory.

All because of the days I took one day at a time.

All because of the details I chose to make shine.


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